Non Addictive Pain Relief.

Do you worry that if you start taking pain relievers, that you could become addicted? Does traditional pain relief medication upset your stomach, and could that same medication cause ulcers?

If you are looking for a safe natural alternative, help is at hand. Easol is a product that combines a number of natural ingredients that work with each other, so that they're even more effective together than they are alone. And, they don't cause the sort of gastrointestinal irritation that can occur when you use many other kinds of pain reliever!

Active Ingredients and there Purpose.

  • White Willow (Salix species) (bark): white willow bark is often called "herbal aspirin". White willow has the ability to relieve pain and lower fevers, and although it takes longer to begin acting than aspirin, its effect may last longer. It relieves aches, pain, and inflammation.
  • Lobelia (Lobelia inflata): This herb is one of the most useful muscle relaxants, Lobelia is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and manganese. An active ingredient in the lobelia plant, lobeline, stimulates nerves in the central nervous system. Lobelia is considered beneficial for treating mild depression, reducing inflammation and pain, easing muscle tension and calming the nerves. Depression is often associated with chronic pain sufferers, and this product helps ease the pain as well as helping depression.
  • Boswellia (Boswellia serrata) (leaf): Boswellia, also known as boswellin or "Indian frankincense," comes from the tree Boswellia serrata, that grows in the dry hills of India. For centuries, traditional Indian healers have taken advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of the tree bark's gummy resin, called salai guggal. Unlike conventional NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen—the accepted treatments for joint inflammation—boswellia doesn't seem to cause stomach irritation. It also may be effective for back pain and certain chronic intestinal disorders.

Research has identified specific active anti-inflammatory ingredients in this herb, which are commonly referred to as boswellic acids. In animal studies, these acids have been shown to reduce inflammation significantly in several ways. Boswellic acids deter inflammatory white cells from infiltrating damaged tissue. They improve blood flow to the joints. They also block chemical reactions that set the stage for inflammation to occur in chronic intestinal disorders such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Boswellia may help to ease symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

All these ingredients have been combined to provide an overall solution to help reduce pain, without the nasty side effects that occur with some drugs.